This work in progress was born August 26, 2021 as a project to help me improve my understanding, mindfulness, and management of ADHD medication treatment. I plan to share things that have been useful to me personally while inviting much-appreciated outside input, and I hope this eventually develops into a modest hub of support, information, community, and care resources for people regarding ADHD medication treatments.

I will try to share things intended to resonate with a wide variety of people, ranging from those troubleshooting the side effects of their current ADHD medication treatments to individuals facing use issues involving ADHD medications and seeking recovery resources. Furthermore, I hope this project will have relevance for folks who actually refrain or abstain from taking prescription ADHD medications, as well, be that temporarily or indefinitely.

Finally, another goal of mine is to cultivate more personal connections and network with other people who have past, present, or prospective experiences with ADHD medications and to help others do the same.

Email any questions, ideas, or just say hi!